Lab Guidance

Connect to the Lab Environment

  1. Go to the website,
  2. Username: the email you use to register for the event,
    Password: password you configured for HOL (Hands on Lab)

If you never used HOL, click on the link "Forgot Password?" to reset your account.


Start the lab

Once logged in,

  1. Select Enrollments tab
  2. Click the START THIS LAB button

Location of the Main Console

  1. The area in the RED box contains the Main Console, it is where all the interactions with the lab environment happens.
  2. The EXIT button will close the window, but it is possible to RESUME the lab.

Change Main Console resolution

  1. Right Click anywhere on the desktop
  2. Select Screen resolution

Select resolution

  1. Select the desired resolution (higher is usually better, 1280 x 800 is the highest resolution)
  2. Click the OK button

Copy and Paste Text

Sometime it can be necessary to copy text from outside the main console (the manual for example), unfortunately normal copy/paste doesn't work but an alternative solution is available.

  1. Position the cursor where the text need to be paste
  2. Click the button SEND TEXT
  3. Enter the text you want to copy
  4. Click the SEND button
    WAIT until the text is fully copied.

Activation Prompt or Watermark

Activation Prompt or Watermark

When you first start your lab, you may notice a watermark on the desktop indicating that Windows is not activated.  

One of the major benefits of virtualization is that virtual machines can be moved and run on any platform.  The Hands-on Labs utilizes this benefit and we are able to run the labs out of multiple datacenters.  However, these datacenters may not have identical processors, which triggers a Microsoft activation check through the Internet.

Rest assured, VMware and the Hands-on Labs are in full compliance with Microsoft licensing requirements.  The lab that you are using is a self-contained pod and does not have full access to the Internet, which is required for Windows to verify the activation.  Without full access to the Internet, this automated process fails and you see this watermark.

This cosmetic issue has no effect on your lab.  

Look at the lower right portion of the screen

Please check to see that your lab is finished all the startup routines and is ready for you to start. If you see anything other than "Ready", please wait a few minutes.  If after 5 minutes you lab has not changed to "Ready", please ask for assistance.