Running your first workflow

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the vRealize Orchestrator Client, you are going to run your first workflow.  This will allow you to apply some of the knowledge you have already gained around vRealize Orchestrator.

Return to the Run View

  1. Click the dropdown menu at the top of the client, and select Run from the list to return to the Run view

Create vCenter connection

  1. Navigate to the workflow Library > vCenter > Configureation > Add a vCenter Server Instance
  2. Start the workflow

Enter endpoint details

  1. Enter the vCenter FQDN: vcsa-01a.corp.local
  2. Select Yes to accept certificate

Enter Credentials

  1. Select No (to share the same credentials)
  2. Enter the user name: administrator@vsphere.local
  3. Enter the password: VMware1!
  4. Click the Submit button

Verify workflow is successful

A green checkmark should be visible

View the Create a Snapshot Workflow

  1. Select the Workflow tab
  2. Navigate to the workflow Library > vCenter > Virtual Machine Management > Snapshot > Create a snapshot
    (Vertical scrolling might be needed)
  3. On the right, select the Schema tab

Take a moment to look at what the workflow is doing.  You will see that it is using an action called createSnapshot and then another action called wim3WaitTaskEnd.  So this workflow will take a snapshot of a virtual machine and then wait for that task to end before the workflow completes.

  1. Click the Start workflow Icon

Choose the VM

  1. Click on Not Set to browse for the vm

Choose the VM

  1. Browse to vSphere vCenter Plug-in > https://vcsa-01a.corp.local:443/sdk > Datacenters > RegionA01 > vm > usage-01a
  2. Click the Select button


  1. Click Next

Enter snapshot creation parameters

  1. Type in Test for the snapshot name
  2. Type in My First Workflow for the description

Leave all the other settings at the default values.

  1. Click the Submit button

Launch the Chrome Browser

  1. From the Windows Quick Launch task bar, click the Google Chrome icon to open the browser

Log in to the vSphere Web Client

  1. Click on the RegionA folder and select the HTML5 Client bookmark

This will log you on with the administrator@vsphere.local / VMware1! credentials

  1. Click the Login button

Search for VM

  1. Enter usage in the search box
  2. Click the usage-01a machine

Manage Snapshots

  1. Click the ACTIONS button
  2. Select Snapshots
  3. Click on Manage Snapshots

Manage Snapshots: Verify Test

  1. Select the Test snapshot
  2. Verify the snapshot.  It should have My First Workflow as its description
  3. The snapshot can now be removed.
    Click the DELETE button
  4. Click OK (not shown)
  5. Click the DONE button

Close the Chrome Browser

  1. Click the X in the top right hand comer of the browser to close it