Understanding a Workflow Token

A workflow token represents an instance of a workflow that is running or has run previously.

Find Workflow Token from the Last Run

  1. If necessary, expand the workflow My First Workflow
  2. Select the workflow token (with the green check mark) from the previous exercise.

Get the Details of the Workflow Instances

  1. Select Schema tab
  2. If necessary, click and drag the Summary window up to see the details.

Look at the Variables

  1. Click the Variables tab on the lower right hand side of the window

Notice that the value for the vm input is the brownfield-01a virtual machine that was selected as input of the workflow.  Variables are Inputs, outputs and attributes, and the values shown are the values at the time of completion of the workflow.

Look at the Logs

  1. Click the Logs tab on the lower right hand side of the window
  2. Make sure Info is selected

Feel free to scroll the logs to check all the lines.

Notice that the script worked and all the values were logged in the format specified in the Scriptable Task.

Look at the Events

  1. Select Events tab

This tab shows a list of events relevant to the workflow execution, including:

  • Start of the workflow
  • End of the workflow
  • Various instances of Server.log, Server.warn, Server.error that are called within the workflow 

Note that Events are stored in database and can be seen from any Orchestrator node and at any time.