Create a first subscription

In this example, a log in vRealize Orchestrator will be written every time a vApp is started.

vCloud Director Extensibility requires some configuration.

In vCloud Director:
- Configure AMQP broker
- Activate Notifications and/or Blocking Tasks

In vRealize Orchestrator:
- Configure AMQP broker as an endpoint
- Configure AMQP queue to receive message from vCloud Director

Enable Notifications in vCloud Director

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Select the bookmark vCloud Director > Site A - Flex Admin
  3. Enter credentials
    user: administrator
    password: VMware1!
  4. Click the Login button

While logged in as administrator in the system tenant, enable notification (if it is not already the case)

  1. Go to Administration > Extensibility
  2. Observe AMQP Broker Settings (already configured in the lab)
  3. Click the Enable Notifications checkbox
  4. Click the Apply button (bottom-right, not shown)

Configure vRealize Orchestrator

Create a new notification subscription

In vRealize Orchestrator,

  1. Navigate to vCloud Director Notifications  > Configuration > Create a vCloud Director notification subscription
  2. Click the Start Workflow... button
  1. Enter the name: log_deploy
  2. Select the vCloud Director Host: vcd-01a.corp.local
  3. Enter the AMQP password: guest
  4. Select Yes for the Broker creation
  1. Select the Event type tab
  2. Click on Yes
  3. Select the Event type: Com Vmware Vcloud Event Vapp Deploy
  1. Click the Workflow tab
  2. Select the workflow Log all

Start subscription listener

Start the workflow vCloud Director Notifications > Start a subscription listener workflow

  1. Select log_deploy
  2. Click Submit


Switch to tenant T1

  1. Launch Chrome in incognito mode
  2. Select the bookmark vCloud Director > Site A - Tenant T1 - H5 UI
  3. Enter credentials
    user: t1admin
    password: VMware1!
  4. Click the LOGIN button

Search a vApp Template

  1. Click the menu button
  2. Select Libraries
  3. Select vApp Templates

Create vApp

  1. Click on the 3 dots menu for vApp Template tc-linux
  2. Select Create vApp

Select Name

  1. Enter a vApp Name: test-vapp
  2. Click the NEXT button

Configure Resource

  1. Select the Org vDC T1-OVDC
  2. Click the NEXT button

Configure Networking

  1. Click the NEXT button

Customize Hardware

  1. Click the NEXT button

Review and Finish

  1. Click the FINISH button

Find the vApp

  1. Click the menu button
  2. Select Datacenters
  3. Click the organization vDC T1-OVDC

Start the vApp

  1. Select vApps
  2. Click the ACTIONS menu
  3. Scroll Down and Select Power On [not shown in the screenshot]
  1. In Manage & Monitor > Organizations
  2. Double Click on T1

Look at subscription workflow

Switch back to vRealize Orchestrator and observe the subscription listener workflow

Look at the workflow "Log all"

Take a look at the Log all workflow