Improve Help Service

The Email received is great but unfortunately it is missing a crucial information: customer information. If the customer doesn't put explicitly his information in the message, there is no way to know where the message comes from.

Fortunately, vCloud Director pass the information to vRealize Orchestrator. Let's modify the workflow to include these information in the email.

Launch vRealize Orchestrator Client

Double click on the vRealize Orchestrator Client icon on the desktop.

Log In to vRealize Orchestrator

Use the following credentials

  1. Host name: vro-01a.corp.local:8281
  2. User name: administrator@vsphere.local
  3. Password: VMware1!
  4. Click Login

Switch to Design Mode

  1. Select Design from the drop down
  2. Make sure the Workflow tab is selected

Edit the workflow

  1. Navigate to Workshop > Service Library
    Select the workflow Send email to administrator@corp.local
  2. Click the Edit button

Add a scriptable task

  1. Select Schema tab
  2. Select Generic tab
  3. Drag and Drop Scriptable task workflow element at the beginning of the workflow

Bind IN

  1. Select IN tab
  2. Click the Bind to workflow parameter button
  3. Select the in-parameter subject
  4. Click the Select button

Bind OUT

  1. Select OUT tab
  2. Click the Bind to workflow parameter button
  3. Click the Create parameter/attribute link
  4. Change the name to newSubject
  5. Click the Ok button

Edit Scripting

In this scriptable task, the subject is going to be modified to inject the user name of the requestor.

  1. Select Scripting tab
  2. Enter the following code
newSubject = subject + " from " + System.getContext().getParameter("_vdc_userName");

Bind the new subject

  1. Select Send notification workflow element (not shown)
  2. Select IN tab
  3. Click the subject [in parameter] link
  4. Select newSubject attribute
  5. Click the Select button

Save and Close

Login as tenant admin in T1 to Test

In Chrome,

  1. Click the link vCD - Tenant1 > vCD - T1 HTML5
  2. Enter credentials: t1admin / VMware1!
  3. Click the LOGIN button

Go to Libraries

  1. Click the MENU button
  2. Click the Libraries button
  3. Select the Service Library tab

Execute the service

  1. Click the execute link in the service card "Send email to administrator @corp.local" (not shown)
  2. Enter an email subject
  3. Enter email content
  4. Click the FINISH button

Check the email

In a new Chrome tab,

  1. Click the link HOL Admin > Webmail
  2. Enter credentials: administrator@corp.local / VMware1!
  3. Click the Login button