Login to VMware Learning Platform

  1. Connect to the VMware Learning Platform
  2. Click the link Register? and follow the procedure.

Hands-On-Labs credentials are different from MyVMware credentials that you used to connect to VMC on AWS.

Lab entitlement

Once you are registered and logged in, ask the instructor to entitle you for the lab.

Once the instructor has entitled you, refresh the page and continue.

Deploy On-Prem Lab

If the entitlement is not visible, make sure this link has been used:
VMware Learning Platform (

Verify the lab is ready

If the status is showing an error, ask the instructor to reset your lab environment.

This environment is a fully functionning vSphere environment that will serve as the On-Prem datacenter.
Copy & Paste is not allowed directly, the function SEND TEXT (top left) should be used instead.

It is recommended to connect to VMC on AWS from inside the lab environment so copy & paste is easier.

HCX Cloud deployed

  1. In the DETAILS view of the SDDC,
    Select the Add Ons tab
  2. Click the OPEN HCX link
  1. Make sure the link OPEN HCX is visible.
    If not, deploy it by clicking on the DEPLOY HCX link


It takes around 30-50min to deploy HCX in the SDDC. The whole process is automated and HCX manager as well as all its component are deployed in the management datastore, network and resource pool (managed by VMware).

VMC Firewall rules

In the details View of the SDDC,  

  1. Select Networking & Security tab
  2. Go to Gateway Firewall > Management Gateway
  3. Click the ADD NEW RULE button
  4. Enter the following info:
    Name: HCX from On-Prem
    Source: Any
    Destination: HCX
    Services: HTTPS
  5. Click the PUBLISH button

Take note of HCX Cloud info

Save in notepad:

- vCenter username (cloudadmin@vmc.local)
- vCenter password