HCX Manager Configuration

Login to on-prem HCX manager

In the Console, inside the VMware Learning Platform, Open Chrome.

  1. Use the bookmark RegionA - On-Prem > HCX Manager
  2. Enter credentials:
  3. Click the LOG IN button

Attach to on-prem vCenter

After its deployment (already done), the HCX Manager appliance needs to be attached to the on-prem vCenter

  1. Select Configuration tab
  2. Select vCenter tab
  3. Enter the information for the on-prem vCenter
    URL: https://vcsa-01a.corp.local
    Username: administrator@corp.local
    Password: VMware1!
  4. Click the SAVE button

Configure SSO

  1. Select SSO tab
  2. Enter the Provider URL: https://vcsa-01a.corp.local
  3. Click the SAVE button

Configure vSphere Role mapping

  1. Select SSO tab
  2. Enter the following Users Groups as System Administrator:
regiona.local\Administrators, corp.local\Administrators
  1. Click the SAVE button

Restart Application Service

  1. At the top, Select the Appliance Summary tab
  2. Click STOP and then START for the Application Service and Web Service

Wait for the status to be RUNNING again for both services.
It take couple of minutes to restart (especially the Web Service)

Sometimes, the status doesn't refresh, refresh the browser from time to time to make sure the latest status is visible.