Migrate a Virtual Machine

Cross Cloud vMotion

Ping the machine

  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt
  2. Execute the command to ping the VM core-a
ping core-a -t

Start the migration

In HCX Menu

  1. Select Migration tab
  2. Click the Migrate Virtual Machines button

Configure the migration

  1. Select the machine core-A
  2. Configure the Transfer and Placement with the following:
    Compute Container: Compute-ResourcePool
    Destination Folder: Workloads
    Storage: WorkloadDatastore
    Virtual Disk Format: Thin Provisioning
  3. Select vMotion for the Migration Profile
  4. Click the FINISH button

Observe the migration

vMotion task can stay queued couple of minutes before actually starting



Relocation tasks are visible in local vCenter


Relocation tasks are visible in remote vCenter


Congratulation! Migration is complete!

Observe the ping

Observe the response time changing from 1ms (local) to ~65ms (remote)

With real-world environment, the expectation is to loose from zero to one ping.

Cross Cloud vMotion the virtual machine back to on-prem

Find out how to do it!


Try it yourself!