Create On-Boarding Service with vRealize Orchestrator

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Cloud Master 2019 - Lab Console - VMware Learning Platform

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On-boarding a customer requires usually a lot of steps and can be prone to error. With vRealize Orchestrator and vCloud Director, it is now possible to make this process more reliable and directly accessible from vCloud Director UI.

For this lab, an pre-created workflow is used but it can be customized to fit any use cases.

Login to vCloud Director


Enter the following credentials:

Username: administrator

Password: VMware1!



Once logged into the vCloud Director (vCD) portal:

Click on the 3-dashes icon and then click on Content Libraries

Register a new vRO Server


Head over to Service Management > ADD

Enter vRO Server information

VMware vCloud Director

Copy the same details as the image shown above.

Name: vro-01a.corp.local

Hostname: vro-01a.corp.local

Username: administrator@corp.local

Password: VMware1!

Click the Trust Anchor button

Select certificate


Go to File Explorer > click on Main Console > click on Downloads > vro-01a.pem.cer

Add a Service Category

Any service in Service Library needs to belong to a Service Category.


Name the Service Category

VMware vCloud Director

Enter the following details as shown above.

For the icon, upload the file 'users-solid.png'

Add new services


After creating the service category, click on Service Library > NEW

Select category

VMware vCloud Director

Select the source vRO Server


Select the workflows

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow icon as indicated above on Cloud Master
  2. Check all boxes under Cloud Master

Review and validate


Publish the service

After the Service has been created, it needs to be published either to the provider or to one or multiple tenant.


Publish only to Service Providers

VMware vCloud Director

Execute the new service


Fill the input information


Follow the service tasks

VMware vCloud Director

As shown in the image above, we have implemented a vRO workflow to generate an Organization and its components such as organization virtual data center (OVDC), edge gateway, network.

We have come to the end of this lab. Thank you!