Use Bitnami to deploy Application on vCD

What is Bitnami?

Bitnami is the industry leader in application packaging. It is a library of installers or software packages for web apps and solution stacks as well as virtual appliances. These stacks are available for web apps such as WordPress, Drupal, etc. In addition to the application itself, these stacks include other software required to run the application.

For example, WordPress stack will include WordPress, MySQL database to manage data, Apache Web server to serve the pages, etc.

Bitnami packages these software together to provide pre-packaged templates. These templates can be directly used from within vCloud Director (vCD) to quickly deploy and launch new applications in vCD-managed datacenters.

With this combination, organizations, service providers and users have a simple and secure way to deploy new apps in the cloud whilst benefitting from the existing management, provisioning and automation tools within vCD.


  1. Create a Bitnami Subscription
  2. Create a New Catalog in vCloud Director
  3. Deploy Application in a Tenant
  4. Verify the Application

Create a Bitnami Subscription

Select the Marketplace service

VMware Cloud Marketplace allows you to choose from an ecosystem of third-party solutions and services, designed and tested to run on VMware-based clouds.

Retrieve the existing subscription

Since it is a shared environment from the VMware Cloud Services, subscriptions already exists

  1. Go to Subscriptions tab
  2. Click the button COPY URL (scroll to the right)

This subscription url will be needed in the next section.

Create a new catalog in vCD

A vCloud Director catalog is a container for vApp templates and media files. Users can access these catalogs that they own or that are shared with them.

In vCloud Director, you can make a catalog public which means that all organizations will see the catalogs to deploy vApps from.

In this section, we will be making use of two different organizations: public and kanjana organizations.

  1. Create a catalog within public organization
  2. share the catalog over from public to kanjana organization
  3. deploy the vApp template from kanjana organization

Login to vCloud Director

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Select the bookmark RegionA - OnPrem > vCD SiteA - Provider (HTML)
  3. Enter the credentials:
    - username: administrator
    - password: VMware1!
  4. Click the SIGN IN button

Go to the Public Tenant


From the menu

  1. Click on Cloud Resources
  2. Select the Organizations tab
  3. Click the icon to open the tenant portal

Once in the Tenant portal for the organization public

  1. From the top menu, go to the Libraries
  2. Select Catalogs tab
  3. Click the NEW link

Create a new catalog

  1. Enter a name for the catalog: public-bitnami
  2. Enable 'Subscribe to an external catalog'
  3. Enter the subscription url copied from VMware Marketplace
  4. Click the OK button

Share the catalog

Once the catalog is created in the public organization, we can share the catalog such that other organizations can also see and make use of it.

  1. In the Catalog list, Click on the 3-dots menu for the catalog public-bitnami
  2. Click the Share button
GitHub - GoogleCloudPlatform/microservices-demo: Sample cloud-native application with 10 microservices showcasing Kubernetes, Istio, gRPC and OpenCensus.
  1. Check the checkbox to share the catalog with all organizations
  2. Click the SAVE button

It is also possible to share the catalog selectively per tenant.

Deploy the application in a tenant

Once the catalog is shared, we can now deploy the vApp in the tenant organization which is the kanjana organization.

Go to the customer tenant

  1. Switch back to the Provider portal by selecting the previous tab
  2. From the Cloud Resources menu, Select the Organizations tab
  3. Click the Open in Tenant Portal icon for kanjana organization

Deploy the Bitnami template

Template synchronization can take time. Make sure the template is fully synchronized (Status is Normal) before trying to deploy it.


Once in the Tenant portal for the organization kanjana

  1. From the top menu, go to the Libraries
  2. Select vApp Templates tab
  3. Select the template bitnami-letschat-xxx
  4. Click the CREATE VAPP link

Configure Networking

  1. Check the 'Switch to the advanced networking workflow' checkbox
  2. Change the Network Adapter Type to 'E1000'
  3. Change Network to 'k-routed'
  4. Change IP assignment to 'IP Pool'

Customize Hardware

Set the Total memory (MB) to 512. Click Next.

Then click Finish.

Verify the application

Verify the vApp you created from the Bitnami template exists.

Find the vApp


Make sure the vApp is powered on, else click on ACTIONS > Power On

Click on Details

Details of the vApp

Take note of the IP address of the 'letschat' vApp (scroll to the right)

Launch Remote Console

Now we have to launch the web console of the 'Bitnami-letschat' virtual machine (VM)

Click on Virtual Machines > ACTIONS


Launch Web Console by selecting from the ACTIONS dropdown list

Find the application credentials

From the web console, find the application credentials:

  1. Put <IP address of application>  into a new chrome tab (the IP address here is, check on your own console)
  2. Enter Username: user
  3. Enter Password: <variable password> (check on your own console)

Login to the application

myLearn Administration Portal

Application Page

You are now logged into the letschat application

This is the end of the lab.

You have learnt how to:

  1. Create a Bitnami Subscription
  2. Use VMware Marketplace
  3. Create and share a new catalog in vCD
  4. Deploy the application in a tenant organization
  5. Verify the application is working within vCloud director from a bitnami template

Thank you!